Dorsa Kavir Kashan Carpet

About Dorsa Kavir Kashan carpet

Dorsa Kavir Kashan carpet company in 1395 after two decades of AR Ostadzadeh doctor experienced in the textile industry began its work force. The company uses advanced machines and Europe Day has been able to supply your carpet in Iran and Arabic countries.

Dorsa Kavir Kashan carpet, full color presence in various markets and enjoying the best designs and beautiful coloring to your claim has been approved.

Carpets Dorsa Kavir Kashan has looms shoulder 700 Alpha 360 and 400 with 10 colors and 8 colors from Germany company Shvnhr that is able to weave carpets Density 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 2550, 2700, designs and original and varied colors of Iran.

Exhibition address: Kashani / Street veterans / Dorsa Kavir Kashan Carpet Exhibition
Phone: 03155466068